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Test console.log with Jest

Jest is a beautiful tool for testing, it gives you possibilities to test even the coolest scenarios like console.log. I need to confess my love with console.log, and because of it, I created a tool for beauty log into your console.

Enough talks and lets code!

The problem

I need to test with my code logged something.

The solution


// create a function into global context for Jest
global.console = {
  log: jest.fn(),
  info: jest.fn(),
  error: jest.fn()

describe('Tests my console.log', () => {
  it('should console a message', () => {
    console.log('My test is working with console.log')

      'My test is working with console.log'


I really love Jest. The learning curve is very low and the possibilities are great!

I suggest reading the Docs because there you can find a bunch of features that you may not know that exists.

Happy Codding!

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